Work with us in providing valuable work experience to deserving candidates.

Financial Smarter works with a number of companies in delivering our mentorship and work experience programs. When you become one of our partner host companies, you can support candidates, particularly new graduates, in their professional development and career growth.

Skilled & Experienced Employees

Help bridge the skills and work experience gap many new graduates face.

Accounting and HR are three of the most competitive career fields to get in. By taking part as a host company for any of our mentorship and work experience programs, you can help many new graduates upskill and gain relevant work experience in any of the aforesaid sectors. As a result, they can become more employable and have better chances of landing their dream job.

Streamlined process for matching candidates looking for experience in the sector your company operates in.

This is an absolutely cost-free proposition on your part. There is no fee involved. All you have to do is commit someone on your team as a mentor who can interact one-on-one with candidates and provide them with insights, advice, feedback, guidance and support. Each candidate can work for 10 hours a week for three months and everything can be done remotely.

Our team will be the one to take care of finding candidates whom your company can provide mentorship and work experience placement with.

3 Months Mentorship
Real Work Experience

Ready to help candidates gain relevant work experience and skills in Accounting and HR or investment analysis?

Work with Financial Smarter as one of our programs’ partner companies. This is a rewarding opportunity for your company to contribute in shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Get in touch with us today to discuss more details about this opportunity.

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We have established solid partnerships and worked with a number of awesome companies.

Hire talents without the lengthy process, expensive cost, and commitment through Financial Smarter.