Hire skilled and experienced talents to join your team.

Students who have completed our Fast Track Employment Program are well-rounded, have the necessary work experience, and and ready to hit the ground running. Do not waste thousands of pound on recruitment. Let us take care of filling your vacancies with some amazing candidates.

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Skilled & Experienced Employees

Why hire for full-time roles through Financial Smarter?

With years of experience in recruitment, we know where to seek out the best talents for your needs. We have even personally trained and mentored some of them, ensuring they have the right skill sets and are ready for employment. Through us, your company can have access into our exclusive pool of high-calibre talents.

3 Months Mentorship

Candidates boasting quality training and real work experience.

Many of the candidates we are working with have undertaken formal mentorship and work experience with industry experts and thriving businesses, making them ready to work in a fast-paced and competitive work setting. Why not hire a candidate with experience and can get the job done through us to minimise your risks?

End-to-end recruitment service delivered by industry specialists.

No need to go through the hassle of posting on job boards and setting up interviews on your own. Our specialist recruitment team can manage the entire recruitment process on your behalf—from sourcing to interview scheduling—so you can focus on running your business.

Risk Free Recruitment
Real Work Experience

Try before you hire.

Overwhelmed by options? Not sure who to hire? Try our candidates as apprentices on a probation period. This is the best way to gauge their skills and fit. If you like their performance, hire them full-time on the spot. If not, you always have other options to choose from.

We have established solid partnerships and worked with a number of awesome companies.

Hire talents without the lengthy process, expensive cost, and commitment through Financial Smarter.