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Financial Smarter enabled me to discover a new side of myself and immensely helped me in building my work experience and skills set.

Janelle Brown

Former Financial Smarter’s Apprentice

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Janelle Brown

Former Financial Smarter’s Apprentice

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn from the program?

This is a question we get a lot, and our answer is, it depends on the sector you want to start your career in. You will learn all the fundamentals and skills that are essential for you to excel in today’s employment market. Please contact us for the sector curriculum you are interested in.

How much does the program cost?

The original fee of the program is £995. We currently have a sponsorship fee of £395 if you do successfully pass both interview stages.

Can I complete the program even if I have a full time job?

Absolutely! Our fast track employment program is facilitated online. Additionally, majority of the mentors can accommodate students’ different schedules. It is all about convenience and flexibility here.

After completing the program, what’s next for me?

After successfully completing the program, our team will provide you with ongoing support until you are able to secure a full time role in your preferred sector. The good thing about undertaking and completing the program is that you still have access to our career coaches and recruitment team even if you are already working.

Can you tell me more about the placements you organise for students?

We have built partnerships with companies across a wide variety of sectors. This ensures that students in our fast track employment program will be able to have guaranteed placements with established companies in their preferred sectors. It also ensures that you can skip the application queue and head on straight to interviews.

What can I expect from the program?

Although the program is done remotely, do not think that it is different from other cohort-based programs you see. Here, you need to work hard in order to learn and achieve your goals. Despite the hard work that you need to put in, though, rest easy knowing that you have a stable point of contact and support in our team and your peers.

How can I do well in the program?

Have the confidence that you will do well in the program. But, for now, focus your attention in making sure that your application makes the cut. Once you are admitted, you will be guided through the whole process by one of our team members.

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